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[1] Fill out the form of the contact page of our website or request a quote.


[2] During our first meeting we will go through basic knowledge of your wedding or event timeline if not done before hand. As we get near the month of your wedding/event date we will finalize everything within two-three weeks before your event date. In our final meeting we will go through everything together. [3] Once you have selected the DJ package or customized quote, we require a 50% booking deposit as part of our standard contract to be signed. [4] In the final meeting we will go through a timeline rundown of the program and talk about your event days such as music selections and other program duration of events. [5] Enjoy your wedding day or private event, your DJ will cover everything you have gone through during our meeting and we hope you have a memorable night!


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  • Justin Liu

An Open-Format DJ (or Multi-Genre DJ) is a DJ who will perform a mix (or set) based upon any given format of music genre. But He or she will perform any of the below:

  1. One specific genre of music you liked to request;

  2. Several types of music chosen by you; or

  3. A mix of genres of the DJ’s choosing – for those who would rather leave the music selection in the hands of the expert!

Example one 

If you wanted a DJ to only play Kazakh-Electro-Swing; Post-Modern 60s Rock; or simply 1990s Electro-Grunge, an Open-Format DJ would be perfect.

Example two

When you love all the genres listed in example one and don’t want to limit yourself to only Post-Modern 60s Rock (say), an Open-Format DJ can be relied upon to blend the lot seamlessly and with flair!

Example three

Finally, for those times when your brief is very generic (think “Pop”, “Music people will dance to”, or “stuff which just works…”), or if the crowd consists of people with different or no defined music taste, an Open-Format DJ will know intuitively how to keep dance floor rocking.

We have a multitude of Open Format DJs on our library, who are available for most types of private and corporate events. They have a wealth of experience of playing to every size and type of crowd; boast incredibly large music libraries; and can easily adapt their set according to the brief (and requests).

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  • Justin Liu

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Our professional DJs have an extensive library of songs consisting of different genres, countries, and eras. They can also suggest a broad range of songs that are sure to entertain guests, family and friends of almost all age groups. Most of the time they play music according to the wedding theme to entertain guests and encourage them to dance and have fun.

A good DJ can produce the utmost fun and excitement through their musical tracks. They can read the crowd, use their skills and adjust the music accordingly. They have an abundance of experience and knowledge in executing and managing wedding receptions.

An expert DJ comes with high-quality, advanced and professional musical equipment. They make sure to have all the correct lighting props, backup systems, audio gear and video equipment to ensure that the wedding party remains interesting and entertaining. They can play a wide range of instruments to keep the guests engaged.

Expert planning is what separates a professional DJ from a rookie DJ. They are proficient in overall planning and execution. They consider all possibilities in advanced and take care of minor details. They use the best practices to make the event successful.

Expert wedding DJs arrive in style; they make sure they wear presentable clothing, behave politely and maintain the overall entertainment of the wedding. They respect your guests and try to please them.

Hiring an expert wedding DJ makes things convenient for the bride and groom, while also making them feel comfortable so they can enjoy the music and dance with their guests. They provide you with a complete peace of mind, and a truly immersive as well as awesome experience that is sure to give you the wedding of your dreams.

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