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Justin Liu

                             is a professional DJ and performer with a deep curiosity for music. He plays a variety of genres (Latin, Hip Hop, Old School, Throwback, Anthem, and Top 40s) to spark ingenuity in dance and entertainment. As the owner and founder of DJLEntertainment, he takes great pride in providing an unforgettable experience for the most acute clients. Weddings will always be a special and intimate time, DJL knows the importance of entertaining and engaging guests with his effervescent personality. He has built a reputation by providing a unique experience for each client, regardless of the situation. 


“We try our best to communicate with our clients and find the best suited music to fit the mood and environment of the special occasion.” - DJL 


DJL’s humble beginnings started over 15 years ago with small parties and birthdays eventually growing to commercial parties, wedding banquets and eventually to nightclubs and international parties. DJL is a seasoned traveler whose work has taken him to international waters from Dominican, Cuba, Costa Rica and all the way to States. 

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DJ Team

Jonathan Parker is a vivacious DJ, playing an array of genres at formal private events and commercial events. 

Best known for playing Hip Hop, Top 40s, and EDM. 

Dean Ocampo

Best known as “deano” and officially DJing since 2017. Dean has quickly racked up a database of fundamentals and advanced music theory to propel him in creating an exclusive experience for his clients. 


“My name is Dean Ocampo, and I am on a mission to become a famous DJ one day.” 


Best known for playing R&B, Rap, Latin, and EDM for all occasions. He DJs events including but not limited to: weddings, sweet 16’s, debuts, birthday parties, and private events. 

Jordan Coutinho has an all-around feel for music and composition, he draws inspiration from many other local and international DJs. 


Best known for playing Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Top 40s. He DJs house parties and private events. 

Jordan Coutinho 

Steven Tan

DJ / Finance Manager

Steven Tan is a professional DJ for weddings and private corporate events. He loves DJ'ing and typically performs during the weekend.

During the weekday, Steven is a Finance Manager at a global real estate company, and he is very passionate about his career there.

In DJL Entertainment, Steven is also in charge of the finances as a Finance Manager, since he has great expertise in the field.

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Media & Operations 

Zaid Opal

Photography and film making is an art form that I always had a passion for. Things I did growing up included filming Kung Fu movies with my friends, going on family vacations to Chicago and always recording videos of my adventures. I've been a professional photographer for five years now and continue to work on my craft. Portraiture, cityscape, landscape, and nightlife are just a few of the things that i have worked on.


As an account manager Victor’s expertise is in providing you guidance to make sure you have every necessity met. He has an eye for detail to confirm you have every box ticked prior to your special day and private event. He will strive to meet every request no matter the scope and help you find the perfect staff you need.

“We work as a team to provide high-touch value for our clients. Planning a big event can be stressful; we make sure every aspect and process is perfectly streamlined to make your event less complicated. Feel free to reach out night or day for any questions and concerns you may have, we are always glad to help.”

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