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Why DJ reading the crowd is important to dancefloor?

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Why DJ reading the crowd is really important for the dancefloor !!

It's not way they dress or look of appealing but the main important of reacting of dancing from the body movement or singing along the main chorus of the song. From my personal experience, I have always listen if the crowd in the bar or nightclub event that sing more vividly over the songs but using genre of music or yearly of their childhood music they know. If I was to DJ in a nightclub, I would encourage playing songs to benefits the bar to increase more drink sales but playing music related to drinking or if there was crowd starting up forming a small circle or breakdance circle best way play the tunes that are sing-along! Think of this way, If you are paying customer attending in a nightclub or bar event that has DJ with dancing having a good time with the music and good vibe going. I would 100% attend this event but if they are playing music and no one likes it. It's just killing the dancefloor or the environment of the room/venue. Another great previous experience are wedding, they have most common songs that would play on the top 40's of the year or last 4-5 years that been on the radio chart and I would always recommend my clients to do ice breaker by doing a game straight into the dancefloor to get all the ages. But try to be more diverse of other cultures, the reason why is because you can grab more attending of all different crowd as one. [Still editing...]

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